Mission Retirement Consulting
Retirement plan administration, compliance, and investments tailored to fit your business
Setting up a retirement plan is a process, not a transaction.
Establishing a plan is just the beginning. We will be with you every step of the way.

Our mission is to help you customize a retirement plan that works for you and your company.


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Save Time and Money when it comes to your 401(k) Plan

Understanding the options available, costs associated and steps required to administer a 401(k) plan can be a daunting taskespecially for a small business owner already wearing multiple hats.

We will work with you to streamline your plan so you can focus more time on running your business.

No Hidden Fees

401(k) plans often have fees that are a percentage charge on total assets in the plan.  As your plan grows, the fees on that plan may grow as well yet the level of service typically stays the same.

The stock markets have been on a bull run for about 10 years.  Have the fees in your plan been on a bull run as well?  Let us show you how paying flat fees for record keeping, TPA or advisory services can have a huge impact on your retirement plan results.  Contact us for information on how to find out what you are actually paying for your current plan.

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